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Start the day in your body with this moving mindfulness experience. Using movement-to-music, we will start slow and build to help you get centered and energized. This practice supports embodiment, self-awareness, focus, creativity and play.


Open, in-person, wellness group.

Currently forming



A nourishing moving experience for those managing a chronic medical condition or pain. Research reflects better treatment outcomes, slowed progression and improved quality of life.


Closed, virtual, therapy group.

Currently forming

MoveMeBaby (2).png

Move me baby!

The adjustment to parenthood is a significant stressor and many caregivers are isolated and overwhelmed. This is an opportunity for self-care for caregivers and bonding with baby and a container in which attachment and community can blossom.


Open and weekly support group.

Currently forming.

Orange Clouds


Danceology is a container for inquiry through dance—a lightly facilitated laboratory of creation, performance and ritual combined. Explore your sensations, thoughts and feelings to find what you need within yourself or interactively with others.

Open to every body.

Every second Sunday, 10-11:30 am

In-person in Narberth


Movement Igniter

Spark a gentle moving practice to address anxiety, depression, stress, or burnout. Movement boosts energy, soothes nerves, and improves mood. Opportunities to process any awarenesses that bubble up are included.

Open, in-person and weekly therapy group.

Currently forming



Promote personal, systems, and organizational wellness with custom-crafted experiences led by a professional dance movement therapist. Movement is a physical and mental elixir: release, restore, rejuvenate, reengage and interrelate! For employees, healthcare professionals, schools/students, families, or any groups with a common growth, prevention, or therapeutic goal.

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